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Commitment to brewing the finest quality tasting beers- our process

Upon our grand opening visit our Key West brewery, featuring 4 of our signature craft beers, as well as a wide range of hard-to-find commercial craft beers from around the world. Though the alcohol content of our Benediction Tripel should be respected and enjoyed slowly, we understand the island lifestyle and the need to quickly satisfy that parched palate.  We invite you to quaff a pint, let out a healthy burp and grin from ear to ear!

Key West Paradise Beer TM

Our Signature Beer – Key West Paradise Beer TM.Logo

Nothing quenches the Island thirst better than our signature Key West Ale, Key West Paradise Beer. TM.Logo The classic banana and subtle clove notes are derived from esters (flavor compounds) derived from the yeast. We ferment this beer with the same yeast strain as the famous Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany, the oldest brewery in the world (continuously operating since the year 1040!) and owned by the state of Bavaria. This beer is made from 50% German white wheat and 50% German pale malts with classic noble hops from Bavaria. This is a highly effervescent beer is light and refreshing, sure to satisfy.

Our Craft Beers

We mainly focus on a range of classic craft beer styles. Our recipes are formulated to be smooth and drinkable, not “over the top.” Our brews are meant to be quaffed to quench a tropical beer thirst, not destroy your palate with overwhelming characteristics. Depending upon your chosen style, you will not find excessive bitter, tart, phenolic or astringent flavors, but a gentle balance of those you would expect from the style’s profile, brewed by an Award Winning Brewer Jim Brady. Come quench your thirst and satisfy your appreciation for quality craft beer. Cheers!

Craft Brewpub Key West, FL



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